Crafting Elegance: The Art of Perfume Making

In a world overflowing with mass-produced scents, we think there’s something inherently charming about our hand-poured perfumes. Each bottle of fragrance tells a story, and within it lies the secret to capturing moments, emotions, and memories. At Ruth Mastenbroek Perfumer London, we take pride in creating unique and unexpected fragrances. Behind each of our beautifully crafted scents lies a meticulous process that begins with the exquisite essential oils and ingredients inside each bottle.

The Essence of Perfume: Aromatics Galore

The heart and soul of our perfume-making often lies in the individual natural materials that we use. These little wonders come in the form of essential oils, absolute extracts, resins and even powders and solids. When crafting a perfume, our perfumers Ruth and Nic become akin to artists, composing symphonies with scent as their medium. Here are a few of our favourite naturals.

Rose: The Romantic Muse 🌹

Picture a dew-kissed garden at dawn, petals softly unfurling to embrace the rising sun. The queen of all florals, rose essential oil, adds a sense of romance and elegance to our fragrances. Its velvety, blooming presence can transport you to a secret garden where passion and love whisper sweet nothings. You’ll find Rose Oil in Signature, Amorosa and Firedance.

Lavender: The Calming Whisperer 💜

Lavender essential oil, with its soothing and herbaceous aroma, is like a deep breath in a world of chaos. It brings serenity to our perfumes, creating a fragrant refuge where you can escape the hustle and bustle. It’s nature’s lullaby, a calm embrace that soothes your senses. You’ll find Lavender Oil in Oxford and Marlin.

Citrus: The Zesty Joyride 🍋

Ah, the zingy zest of citrus! Whether it’s the vibrant energy of lemons or the sunny warmth of oranges, citrus essential oils add an invigorating twist to our creations. They’re the vivacious spark that brings a smile to your face and reminds you that life is a joyful adventure. You’ll find citrus oils in each perfume in our collection, and especially Dagian.

Crafting Perfume: The Alchemical Blend

We perfumers like to think of ourselves as modern-day alchemists, conjuring magic with bottles and beakers instead of cauldrons and spells. We meticulously mix aromatic components, creating a symphony of notes that resonate with different facets of your personality.

Top Notes: The Intriguing Prelude 🎵

Imagine the first chapter of a gripping novel—the opening lines that instantly pique your interest. Top notes are the first impressions of a perfume, fleeting yet memorable. We use ingredients like zesty bergamot, invigorating basil, or green violet leaves to create that enticing initial spark.

Heart Notes: The Captivating Middle ❤️

The heart of a fragrance is its emotional core, the part that makes you fall in love. Here, we weave together essential oils like romantic rose, alluring jasmine, and mysterious patchouli. These ingredients form the perfume’s emotional tapestry, where passion and depth take center stage.

Base Notes: The Everlasting Encore 🎶

The base notes are the lingering memory, the encore that remains with you long after the show is over. We use rich and sensual ingredients like warm vanilla, deep cedarwood, and sensual musk to create a lasting, evocative impression that becomes a part of your identity.

Craftsmanship and Artistry: Our Signature Blend

Each perfume we create is a unique masterpiece, a harmonious symphony of aromatic ingredients that dance together, leaving an indelible mark on your senses. We blend these essential oils and ingredients with precision, adjusting the composition until it resonates just right, like a perfectly tuned piano.

Our perfume-making process is not just about creating a product but crafting an experience. It’s the careful selection of ingredients, the artful composition of notes, and the dedication to creating something beautiful and memorable. In a world filled with mass-produced fragrances, we take pride in the artisanal craftsmanship of our niche perfumes. Take a look at this video to watch the alchemy unfold:

The Final Whiff: An Invitation to Elegance

In our world of niche perfumery, creating a fragrance isn’t just a science; it’s a passion. We pour our hearts into every bottle, ensuring that every drop that reaches you is a work of art. Our scents are more than just perfumes; they are stories, emotions, and memories, waiting to be experienced.

So, the next time you uncork one of our exquisite bottles, remember that you’re not just wearing a perfume; you’re embracing a journey through the most beautiful essential oils and ingredients that nature has to offer. We invite you to explore the world of niche perfumery with us, where elegance, artistry, and scent converge in perfect harmony. It’s an olfactory adventure you won’t want to miss.

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  1. Lois Weinstein says:

    I have never experienced fragrance as exquisite as your Firedance, Signature and Oxford, and I have enjoyed wearing perfumes for over 70 years. Your package arrived with great anticipation on Guam and (except for candles, glass holders broke but will reseat candles in new holders) have been in love since. Great work, guys.

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