The perfect way to replenish your Fragrance Diffuser. The Refill bottle allows you to reuse your existing diffuser bottle. Just top up the fragrance in your bottle and use the replacement reeds to freshly scent your home for months. Read More We are happy to offer a wide range of Room Fragrance Diffusers Refills in your favourite scents. Home Fragrance Diffuser Refills from Ruth Mastenbroek are the best way to replenish your favourite Fragrance Diffuser. This means you can reuse your existing diffuser bottle and refill it, while also helps us to reduce the amount of packaging we use. All you need to top up the fragrance in your bottle and use the replacement reeds to keep on freshly scenting your space for an extended period of time.
Our selection of Fragrance Diffuser Refills UK is available in each distinctive and magical RM diffuser scent. Designed to be a constant companion in your home, we have crafted each fragrance with your mood and your home’s ambience in mind. Once you refill your diffuser bottle and inserted the replacement reeds, just wait for the aroma to fill the room and evoke a familiar sense of calm.
For us, fragrance can transport us to an exotic and imaginary universe of magical scents. A paradise full of colour and unexpected scent combinations. Our concept with our home fragrance selection is to help you take the time for self-care, as we are firm believers that smell can boost our mood. We believe that choosing one of our aroma diffuser refills is an investment in you that will keep on giving for the lifetime of the fragrance.
When we launched our Diffuser Refills, our aim was to extend the lifetime of our fragrances in your home, while at the same time reducing the amount of packaging you use and reducing the shipping/travel impact on the environment.
We aim to assist you in making your house a warm and welcoming one. If you would like to layer a candle scent in your home, then take a look at our Best Blooming Scented Candles UK. Read Less

Oxford Musings Diffuser Refill

The paragon of quintessential British elegance; with a dashing, herbal twist

Utopia Diffuser Refill

Extraordinary worlds collide as bountiful, fruity florals meet earthly woods

Lotus Rock Diffuser Refill

As powerful and dramatic as it is romantic, this scent oozes oriental ambers and daring florals

Fire & Roses Diffuser Refill

A sensual scent that tells a tale of exotic travel