We believe passionately in the positive influence that fragrance can have on us. That’s why the ingredients we choose are so important.

We believe in harnessing the power of nature. That’s why all of our fragrances have lots of essential oils in them. We love the depth and character that natural oils bring to a fragrance, and the uplifting, invigorating and energising properties they can offer. This ethos is something that stands us apart from lots of other brands.

We also believe in using man-made ingredients as well as natural oils. It’s a common misconception that natural oils are “better” for us than man-made ingredients. In fact that’s not the case. Man-made ingredients have their place in perfumery, and we use some of these to support their natural cousins. We also feel that it’s our responsibility to not deplete the world’s limited natural resources, which is another reason why we make use of some man-made ingredients.

We spend a long time sourcing and personally evaluating the highest quality materials from across the world. Because we don’t spend money on big marketing campaigns or celebrity endorsements, we invest much more proportionately than most of the big brands do on their fragrances. That’s why we often get told our perfumes last much, much longer than other brands!


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