My story with fragrance began over thirty years ago. I am classically trained and had the fortunate opportunity to learn from some of the best British and French perfumers who constantly challenged my skills and creative process in order to hone my craft. My passion and talent for scent allowed me to work as a professional perfumer all over the world, creating fragrances for some of the best known brands. Opportunities took me to Holland, France and Japan as well as the UK which is where I was born and reside now with my equally scent obsessed family.


I love creating fragrances because I truly believe that fragrance can influence our mood, elevate our feelings and boost us when we need it. Despite the incredible opportunities with brands that I had worked so hard for, I knew I wanted to create my own signature scent and have full creative freedom. So, in 2010 after three years of development – I launched my first fragrance, Signature.

Signature was created at a time that I wanted to heighten my confidence and creativity so I selected specific ingredients that would have a direct impact on my mood and developed the scent we have today. Twelve years on from when I first started working on the blend, I still get an energising lift whenever I spray my Signature scent.

Capturing a mood and developing a fragrance to enhance that moment is what I love and what I am passionate about sharing with my customers. Since my first fragrance, I have developed four more scents. Each one captures a personal moment and the powerful feeling that I experienced at that time. Whether that is a feeling of creative freedom, optimism or love for family and life – my ambition is to keep exploring our emotions and the connection scent can have with them.


My passion is fuelled by our customers and my family. I am delighted each time we receive an order or I hear from a person who has experienced one of our scents. Sharing your stories always leaves me inspired; an infectious trait which seems to have influenced my family who also have a nose for fragrance. My daughter, Claire and son, Nic, now work with me and it’s our mission to share the powerful impact of fragrance on feelings.


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