Ruth’s mission is to bring back the magic and craft of perfumery through unique and unusual scents. This original collection of fragrances has been designed to surprise the senses and to make a statement. Read more The magical universe of scents that we imagine and are busy crafting is beautiful and diverse, full of voluptuous flowers and aromatic aromas.
We offer a selection of flower perfumes for women, with each fragrance designed to complement your personality and to make a statement in a crowd. Floral scents have for centuries been a favourite, and we have reimagined flower blossom perfumes in our own unique and unexpected way.
We pride ourselves on crafting a diverse range of unusual fragrances. Amorosa is a statement Amber Perfume. It means a “woman in love with life” and this sense of happiness and zest for life is captured inside each bottle. If you prefer a citrus Perfume then we invite you to experience Dagian, a dazzling and bright citrus scent combined with orange blossom and soothing sandalwood. Created to capture the invigorating feeling at the start of a fresh new day, one spray will uplift the senses. If you prefer Rose & Flower Perfumes then we recommended our Firedance scent. This is a modern and scorching interpretation of a classic rose scent, and will bring the harmony you need in your life.
Ruth also covers the needs of those looking for the best vanilla perfume. Oxford is inspired by the feeling of discovery. Choose this sophisticated fragrance and enjoy British elegance in a bottle; with a splash of fresh aromatics warmed by gentle aromas of vanilla and oudh. Or you may prefer the great outdoors that can be experienced through our Signature fragrance, which some have described as a forest trail perfume because of the feelings of freedom and nature that it evokes. If you want a fragrance that sparks creativity and confidence, then look no further. It goes without saying that our Signature scent is the first of Ruth’s creations in her own name, after she had been creating fragrances for other brands for many years. As a classic Woody Perfume, this fragrance can awaken your senses like no other perfume. Read Less

Ruth Mastenbroek Amorosa - 100ml
Amorosa Eau de Parfum

Imagine the rolling landscape of Umbria bursting with white flowers

Ruth Mastenbroek Dagian - 100ml
Dagian Eau de Parfum

Brighten your day with zesty lime, blooming orange blossom and soothing sandalwood

Ruth Mastenbroek Firedance - 100ml
Firedance Eau de Parfum

Time to indulge in this hedonistic and opulent smoky rose scent

Ruth Mastenbroek Oxford - 100ml
Oxford Eau de Parfum

Venture forth with confidence, as fresh herbs are tossed with amber and vanilla

Signature Eau de Parfum

Experience refined freedom as you explore a forest trail