Our small family team embodies our values of expression, expertise and curiosity. We have a fascination with the power of fragrance and take great care in ensuring that our passion for delivering exceptional fragrance is demonstrated in every aspect of the RUTH MASTENBROEK experience.

Committed to excellence

We are dedicated to each stage of the perfume process to ensure that our values are never compromised; from choosing each note, to bottling and boxing our fragrances. Expertly blended with Ruth’s over 30 years of experience, our fragrances are renowned for their exquisite scents, but we are constantly building on our skills and looking for new ways to innovate. We strive to deliver an elevated experience for our clients at every stage, from developing the finest new blends to providing exemplary customer service.

Transcending the ordinary

We follow our instincts and employ extensive knowledge to develop fragrances we truly believe in. Often described as “”classic with a twist”” our ambition is to create blends that evoke beautiful moments for our customers. We are never dictated by fleeting trends or the mass market. Instead, we understand how important individuality is and believe that this should be celebrated. This is why we only produce small quantities of each fragrance and partner with a handful of stockists that share our approach to quality.

Taking responsibility

We believe that it is our responsibility to ensure products are delivered to the customer with the environment in mind. From ensuring that each element of our manufacturing takes place in the U.K. in order to limit our carbon footprint, to developing recyclable packaging for our boxes – we’re constantly considering new ways in which we can be more sustainable.


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