Inspired by our heritage across the British Isles, each luxury scented candle weaves its own unique tale. Employing the most unexpected of fragrance combinations, discover for yourself why Ruth has been dubbed “The Queen of Candles” by the British press. Read More We are proud to introduce our exquisite and unusual Candle Discovery Sets, the perfect way to explore the array of scented delights crafted by Ruth and Nic. Inspired by our heritage across the British Isles, our luxury Candle Gift Sets UK will always exceed expectations. We invite you to experience one of our Candle Gift Sets UK, and to smell for yourself why Ruth has been dubbed “The Queen of Candles” by the British press. We employ the most unexpected of fragrance combinations and that is why our Candle Discovery Gift Set also makes the perfect gift for a loved one.
We strive to craft magical scents to whisk you to exotic vistas, both real and imagined. Explore for yourself the diverse selection of soothing and uplifting scents that will transform your home into a relaxing spa and leave you feeling calm.
We believe that fragrance has the power to instantly uplift and delight the senses, which is why we infuse each of our luxury candle gift sets with bundles of ethically-sourced essential oils. Each oil has been carefully selected for its olfactive and emotional benefits. We take an unusual perfumery approach to craft fragrances that are classic, with a twist, meaning your home will smell unlike anywhere else.
A beautifully scented candle can be transformative for the ambience in your home. It can promote feelings of energy, decadence, focus, calmness and much more. Our Winter Candle Discovery Set is one of the most indulgent luxury scented Candle Gift Sets. It has been crafted to bring warmth and merriment into your life. Each candle in this lineup is original and offers a diversity of smells that will transport you to a far-flung and magical universe of scents.
Each candle gift set contains iconic fragrances that are strongly dosed, and make a memorable statement in your home. And when you buy candle gifts online UK we are confident that your thoughtful gifts will be go down well with your loved one! Read Less

Winter Candle Discovery Set

The warmth and merriment of the season is conjured in a collection of winter scents.