Explore the magical universe of RM scents. With an eclectic mix of fragrances, each characterful perfume has been designed with your unique personality in mind. Read More We invite you to explore the magical universe of scents we have carefully been crafting through our Perfume Discovery Set. With an electric mix of fragrances, each of these unusual perfumes has been designed with your unique personality in mind. Each Perfume Discovery Set can also make a thoughtful gift for a loved one looking for something off the beaten track.
We are passionate about the impact that perfume can have on our mood, which is why each of our niche perfumes is infused with a bounty of essential oils known for their aromatherapy benefits. Each perfume features ingredients that can improve concentration, improve mental clarity and reduce anxiety.
We pride ourselves on combining ingredients in an unexpected way, and strive to offer the best luxury perfume Discovery Sets from our website. We challenge you not to fall in love with one of the scents in our collection!
Our Perfume Discovery Set is the is the best way to explore our magical universe of scents, as each one contains a curated set of 2ml samples. Each 2ml sample represents a characterful fragrance in Ruth’s collection. Also note that when you purchase a Discovery Set, you will receive a code to be able to redeem the value of the Discovery Set against the price of a 100ml bottle of your favourite perfume.
Whether you are looking for a unisex fragrance, or for a women’s Perfume Discovery Set, we hope you will find what you’re looking for here. No matter what your preference is or what mood you’re in, these unusual scents will exceed your expectations. Each perfume Discovery Set UK has been lovingly hand-crafted right here in England. We take great care and pride in delivering exquisite products to you, and offer free shipping on our Discovery Sets within the UK. Read Less

Classic Collection Discovery Set

Fragrances from our Classic Collection: 5 fragrances full of character.

Magic of Nature Discovery Set

Crafted to capture the freshness of nature. Essential oils, reimagined in Ruth’s unique style.