Ruth’s mission is to bring back the magic and craft of perfumery through unique and unusual scents. This original collection of fragrances has been designed to surprise the senses and to make a statement. Read More Are you exploring the world of exquisite niche perfume? Would you like to buy a new scent to expand your collection? Or are you searching for a thoughtful gift for a loved one? Ruth Mastenbroek Perfumer London is delighted to introduce our collection of Perfume Samples for Men & Women UK. We have a diverse array of mini perfume samples UK for you to explore. Our mission is craft a magical universe of scents for you to visit, and we invite you to experience this through our niche perfume samples.
Available from our online store, our perfume samples online UK are a fantastic way to try multiple fragrances in a cost-effective way. Before choosing your favourite fragrance, we always advise purchasing mini perfume samples UK first, in order for you to try wearing the fragrances on your skin. This way, there is no need to blind buy without trying the fragrance first. In our opinion, you will only truly know if a fragrance suits your personality when you spritz it on the skin. Therefore, look no further and explore our collection of perfume samples UK to make sure the fragrance you are buying is the right fit for you.
Our selection of niche perfume samples embody our motto of being “classic, with an unexpected twist”. Each fragrance in our collection has been expertly crafted using only the finest ingredients; with our creations we strive to surprise the senses and stop your nose in its tracks. Our collection includes unisex and genderless scents, as well as perfume samples for men & women UK.
We have crafted a range of scents that is diverse and seeks to display the magic of perfumery in its finest form. We are passionate about the impact that perfume can have on our mood, which is why our niche perfume samples can leave you feeling energised and invigorated. We offer free UK shipping on our samples. However, if you don’t want to order samples but want something a bit bigger, you can opt for our 30ml Perfume Bottle UK. Happy exploring! Read Less


Amorosa Eau de Parfum

Imagine the rolling landscape of Umbria bursting with white flowers

Dagian Eau de Parfum

Brighten your day with zesty lime, blooming orange blossom and soothing sandalwood

Firedance Eau de Parfum

Time to indulge in this hedonistic and opulent smoky rose scent

Oxford Eau de Parfum

Venture forth with confidence, as fresh herbs are tossed with amber and vanilla

Signature Eau de Parfum

Experience refined freedom as you explore a forest trail


ZEPHYR Eau de Parfum

Crisp and clean, energising and refreshing those in its path

GAIA Eau de Toilette

Gaia enjoys the moment, sipping on the calming nectar of Chamomile

MARLIN Eau de Toilette

Easy-going Marlin can be found rolling around the coastal dunes of Kent