Layer, Boost, Customise. Our complete guide to the Magic of Nature perfume collection

The journey to creating the Magic Of Nature Eau de Toilette collection began with the feeling that within the United Kingdom, we have so many exquisite natural resources that we wanted to celebrate and highlight.

There is an innate magic within nature that can be observed when we stop and take it in. A brisk morning stroll in the woods. A walk along the beach, dipping toes in the water. A break outdoors in the sunshine that revitalises and reenergises the soul. Nature has this funny way of changing our state, and this is what we wanted to achieve through this collection of perfumes.

Natural beauty, on our doorstep

We set out to craft a collection of fine fragrances that captures the freshness and beauty of our wonderful natural setting, in our own unique way. When seeking inspiration, we have found that the best place to start is often close to home.

Often it can be tempting to think that things from faraway places are somehow superior to what we have on our  doorstep. You could say people often think the grass is greener somewhere else, whereas if you’ve ever arrived in the UK from a hot country, you will know this is simply not true!

We spent the last few years scouring the UK for suppliers and ingredients to base this fragrance collection on. We were surprised with what we found; farming families who have been distilling some beautiful essential oils for decades. All on our doorstep! We wanted to tell their story as well as their wonderful oils.

Boost, Customise, Layer

We set out to do something completely new and offer people the chance to play and experiment with fragrance and the oils themselves. This is where the idea for the layering of scents came in – for example through the EDT Discovery Set. For the first time (as far as we are aware), we are offering customers the chance to layer not just fragrances on top of each other, but the key essential oil that is infused within the fragrance. This is in the form of a mood- and fragrance-boosting essential oil rollerball included with each 30ml bottle from the collection.

This endless universe of customisation introduces a level of complexity to the fragrances that challenged us as perfumers. We think we rose to the challenge, and hope you will agree.

Here are our suggestions as to how to layer the scents; we would love to hear what your favourite combinations are:

  • Gaia + Marlin = this becomes a fresh green lake of ozonic herbal notes. Simply sublime.
  • Zephyr + Gaia = for the green lovers out there, a fresh and lively yet smooth green scent.
  • Marlin + Zephyr = a luxurious tapestry of fresh herbs and deeper woody notes. This will get tongues wagging.

The story and the packaging

Each fragrance tells the story of the key essential oil in the fragrance. This is brought to life by the colourful illustration in the droplet, capture by a talented artist.

We hope you will enjoy this fragrance collection as much as we enjoyed crafting it!

Team RM x

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