As a proud family-business of fragrance creators, we think actions speak louder than words when it comes to sustainability.

We’re not claiming we’re perfect, and we still have lots of areas in which we’d like to grow, but we feel it’s best to be transparent and open about our craft.

This is what we are doing so far.

Our Perfumes

  • We create vegan and cruelty-free perfumes. Our products have never and would never be tested on animals.
  • We hand-blend and hand-pour our perfumes; our style is minimalist to get the most value from each ingredient
  • We work closely with our oils supplier to ensure we only use sustainably-grown and harvested essential oils
  • We choose to work with as many UK suppliers as possible to reduce our carbon footprint by minimising transportation miles
  • We believe using man-made ingredients to enhance our natural essential oils is a more sustainable approach
  • We have introduced 500ml glass refill bottles for our diffusers, to enhance the lifespan of your fragrance diffuser and to reduce waste
  • Our products are free from parabens, sulphates, artificial colourings

Our Packaging

  • We have removed all plastic lamination from our carton packaging
  • We are one of the first perfumery brands to remove cellophane-wrapping from our products
  • We work with a local printer just a few miles from our studio
  • We source our bottles from England and Western Europe, to minimise our transportation miles.


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