The Intrepid Herbalist Scented Candle

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Spring rains drench the dry and cracked earth. Fast forward to green shoots of wild herbs being tossed into a healing brew by an intrepid explorer. The ultimate aromatic tonic for busy minds!

The Intrepid Herbalist

After a heavy Spring downpour, as the skies clear and brighten, a young explorer wanders out into the rambling countryside. He plucks wild rosemary and thyme on his journey, and experiments with blends of these fresh herbs with lemon, basil and mint.

Borne out of living a more local life and discovering the bounty of nature on our doorsteps, this is a soulful fragrance designed to connect and ground.


  • Size: 220 gram candle, with a burn time of approx. 50 hours
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Sicilian Lemon
Wild Rosemary
English Thyme

Green Tea
Dried Rain (Petrichor)
Basil Leaf

Pine Needles

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1 review for The Intrepid Herbalist Scented Candle

  1. Magda

    Ruth and her team have gone above and beyond to get this candle along with a few others I purchased to me here in Canada. I am a repeat customer and so happy with my new smells! This candle is gently aromatic – green, herbal and tiny bit sweet (but not gourmand in any way). It’s a love!

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