Inspired by our heritage across the British Isles, each luxury scented candle weaves its own unique tale. Employing the most unexpected of fragrance combinations, discover for yourself why Ruth has been nicknamed “The Queen of Candles” by the British press.

Ancient Frankincense Scented Candle
Ancient Frankincense

Incense, spices and resins burn brightly and illuminate the night’s sky!

Rebel County Scented Candle
Rebel County

Intense bright amber fused with foaming citrus waves

Spiced Winter

Festive spiced orange, berries, smoked woods and exotic spices

Blooming Wild Luxury Scented candle
Blooming Wild

A tantalising array of wild flowers throw off a sunny scent

The Intrepid Herbalist

 Green shoots of wild herbs are tossed into a healing brew

Rolling Shires Scented Candle
Rolling Shires

An ode to England’s luscious land of rolling green hills