Zephyr Eau De Toilette

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Zephyr is crisp and clean, energising and refreshing those in its path. Luminescent and shimmering, Zephyr can be found in a Hampshire forest floating on the breeze.

Spritely Zephyr pops up from a mossy and woody forest floor, and swiftly dashes out to a nearby field of Black Mitcham peppermint. Invigorating, fresh and energetic, Zephyr trails their majestic veil as they fizz across the Hampshire countryside.

Celebrating the many facets of Peppermint grown on a farm in Hampshire, this is lively fragrance designed to get the pulse beating just a little faster.

English Peppermint

Mint Stem
Clove Leaf


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5 reviews for Zephyr Eau De Toilette

  1. Elen Evans

    This is THE perfect Summer scent. Imagine walking through a well-stocked country garden, passing by the greenhouse filled with sun-kissed tomatoes, moving on by some fruit trees and a bustling herbaceous border bursting with mint, just before coming to the edge of an enchanted forest, beckoning you closer to breathe in deep the mossy shadows and dappled forest floor.
    This fragrance perfectly captures the sun and shadows that are at play during a very British Summer.

  2. Hilary McCann

    In these days of scorching summer temperatures sweeping through most of mainland Europe and pollen counts in Britain reaching historic highs, even the slightest spritz of this wonderful Zephyr Eau de Toilette is enough to lift the spirits. The effect is immediate and one application is enough to convince yourself that you are indeed in a cooler, fragrant place where it is easier to breathe, relax and dream of bring wafted by gentle summer breezes. Imagination is also olafactory!

  3. Caroline

    This is such a lovely pick me up, and I love the way you can layer it with the oil to make it more intense. If you’re looking for a fresh fragrance that’ll brighten up your day – and that of everyone around you – then this is the perfect choice!

  4. Ginny Parry (verified owner)

    Absolutely amazing. It is just an instant mood enhancer and then settles into this gorgeous herbal flowery musky mix of deliciousness. I’ve just not smelled anything like it before, but I can’t stop smelling my wrist now. On a hot day where perfumes can be too much this would be delicious. Just perfect. I love it so much. Longevity is excellent as well for en edt. It is just a really fascinating scent, that my husband is just as intrigued by.
    Sorry I can’t really describe it well, just recommend anyone to try it!

  5. Benedita

    Yes have been using Amorosa since discovering fragrances by Ruth. 10 years now. Keep updated!

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