Ancient Frankincense at Christmas
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Why does Frankincense smell like Christmas?

Humans recognise at least 10,000 scents, some of which trigger instinctive behaviours; attraction, aversion, aggression, maternal behaviour and, of course, memories.  Researchers have now traced this process back to our genes – meaning the scents associated with ancient rituals, like Frankincense at Christmas, might be recognised and responded to at the genetic level.

Perhaps before we’ve even built a bank of Christmas experiences, the smell of Frankincense lets us know that it’s a time for coming together and forming social bonds. Maybe that’s why it puts us at ease.

Ruth started her career with a degree in Chemistry, and still views her craft through a scientific lens; “neurologists are just starting to offer explanations for what I’ve seen for years; what you smell immediately affects how you feel and act. How you scent your home and your body matters. It can change your experience and how people experience you”.

So when we developed our Ancient Frankincense candle, we got deep into the science, researched the purest ingredients from ancient sources and blended a scent that that smells like the Christmases our ancestors enjoyed and that we still love today.

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