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Summer candle collection

We are thrilled to introduce our Summer candle collection! We pride ourselves on crafting unusual scents to delight the senses, and these two fragrances are no different.

Inspired by the smells, tastes and sights of Summer and our experiences of living through lockdown, we invite you to read on and find out the story behind each delightful fragrance.

For the first time ever, we have created these candles in collaboration with our Very Important Perfume (VIP) Team. With us every step of the creative journey, our VIP Team has helped us decide the fragrances, ingredients and even the names!  Would you like to help us with our next creation? Then click here to find out more.

B  L  O  O  M  I  N  G    W  I  L  D

Our newest offering is a statement bouquet of voluptuous flowers, crafted to grab your attention (or those visiting your home!). Floral notes have been used in perfumery for centuries for their intoxicating and seductive properties; we wanted to offer our own modern interpretation of a floral fragrance.

In Blooming Wild, we place two of our favourite essential oils at the centre piece of the bouquet – Jasmine and Orange Blossom. Both of these oils are not only known for their aromatherapy benefits, but for being two of the most gloriously fragrant notes in perfumery.

Living through the shared human experience of multiple lockdowns, many of us will have enjoyed a renewed connection with nature and found joy in bringing the outdoors inside. We were excited to capture that feeling of placing a fresh and gorgeous bunch of flowers on your living room table. This motion not only freshens up your vista but delights the senses with delectable aromas.

We hope that through lighting this candle you can imagine the colourful bounty of wild flowers that was its muse.

Full Fragrance Story

Top notes – Lemon Juice, Fresh Lime

Heart notes – Wild Jasmine, Orange Blossom, Sweet Acacia

Base notes – Gardenia Stems, Bright Amber, Cedarwood

I  N  T  R  E  P  I  D    H  E  R  B  A  L  I  S  T

This fragrance is overflowing with natural essential oils, each one with its own unique benefit. For us the name depicts the story perfectly, as an intrepid explorer experiments with a blend of herbal remedies gathered from the garden and local fields.

Our vision with The Intrepid Herbalist was to instantly transport you to a dramatic Spring or Summer’s day, stood on a hillside surveying an undulating valley below.

A heavy downpour of rain precedes the sky opening up and the sun beaming down. As the desiccated and scorched earth thirstily drinks up the rain water, you’re greeted by that distinctive aroma of dried rain – a phenomenon known as petrichor.

When we blended this concept with the fresh scents of green herbs, we crafted something that (we think) has the ability to instantly transport you to that special and carefree moment in time.

This is a special scent for us because it’s the first fragrance in Ruth’s collection that has been crafted by Nic, Ruth’s son.

Full Fragrance Story

Top notes – Sicilian Lemon, Wild Rosemary, English Thyme

Heart notes – Green Tea, Dried Rain (Petrichor), Basil Leaves

Base notes – Pine Needles, Moss, Patchouli