Oxford Eau de Parfum

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Oxford is inspired by the feeling of discovery. A sophisticated fragrance that evokes quintessential British elegance with a unique twist.


This scent will inspire you to venture forth with confidence, curiosity and determination.

The bold heart of oudh and amber dance with softer vanilla and vetiver notes, while jasmine and cashmere shine through.


Clary Sage


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6 reviews for Oxford Eau de Parfum

  1. Kirsty (verified owner)

    Excellent service and delivery was very quick. Beautiful packaging too. Also bought the sample selection so able to try out the other products

  2. Heather Park

    My husband bought me a bottle of Oxford for Christmas. I have used the Signature perfume since 2010 when I wore it for my wedding. Ruth’s perfumes make me feel special. They are different exciting and sumptuous. The scent lasts a long time and yet is not over powering or dominant.
    The package is beautifully designed and of excellent quality. When you take the bottle out of the box you somehow know the perfume is going to be wonderful A family business of the highest quality producing exciting scents that never fail to please. Thank you Ruth and team

  3. Dylan Goddard

    Oxford EDP is exquisite. I’m smelling it on my wrist now & it’s evocative, tantalising and mysterious. It’s instantly amazing & an instant classic. It’s beautiful & I’m in love.

  4. Katie W.

    I’ve been looking for a signature perfume and this is it! It’s classic and intriguing. The fragrance smells warm, clean, and natural. You HAVE to sample this perfume…it’s a masterpiece!

  5. Sam

    I wore this during my first year at university thanks to a sample I received, and I have to say it shaped my entire experience – the amazing discovery that I felt taking the step into the new chapter of my life was shaped and enhanced by this perfume, and made what was already such an exciting time into something that was truly adventurous and mystical. I shall be buying a full bottle of the fragrance soon and I can’t wait to be taken back to the sheer excitement this time brought to me.

  6. Tk (verified owner)

    Absolutely love this and am very tempted by two others from the brand – honestly this is one of my favourite all time fragrances and I have tried hundreds over the years

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