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How to stay smelling fresh this Spring

In Spring, our noses come out of hibernation after the smell whiteout of winter. Rain cleanses the world, and then as the sun comes out and the earth warms, Spring smells of new life. Leaves and buds emerge through earth and from branches; the scent of freshly-mown grass transcends sports games; the tangy honeyed cresolic notes of daffodils and narcissus with spicy-green hyacinths waft from gardens.

It’s important to consider your fragrance wardrobe at this time of year, as every smell is sharpened and heightened after the winter. Some of my favourite Spring ingredients in fine fragrances include grapefruit oil (which delivers a sharp citrus splash), Calone (for a lovely outdoors airy note) and Cis-3-hexenol (which gives a grassy green effect). Why not go for a fragrance with refreshing, citrus, ozonic or green notes in. My Amorosa fragrance is perfect for warming up those cool Spring evenings; with a burst of watermelon and green vetiver in the opening, draped in the glow of amber and cashmere notes in the base.

For scenting the home, of course there are freshly cut flowers from the garden which will bring the smell of Spring indoors, while a scent from Summerdown Mint’s “Mint & Lemongrass” home fragrance range is perfect for making the home zing.

With National Sense of Smell Day being celebrated tomorrow on Saturday 28th April, it’s the perfect time to enjoy the smells of Spring!

Ruth x

For Spring why not choose a scent bursting with fresh citrus and green notes, or the transparent and airy notes in ozonic fragrances!

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