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How to create a cosy fragrance ambience this Winter

As we’re all spending more time at home and are hunkering down for Winter, have you considered the role that fragrance could play in your home life?

Ruth believes passionately in the power of fragrance to alter our mindset, and explains “I have known for a long time that fragrance can impact our mood; and this means we can use fragrance to create a certain ambience in the home“.

So, as we enter the darker Winter months, consider the following:

  1. Segmenting the day; with many of us working from home, there is no normal end to the day any more. Lighting a candle when it starts to get dark can signify the beginning of the evening and help you start unwinding.
  2. Match the fragrance mood to your interiors; minimal and neutral? Go for a clean and green fragrance – try our Rolling Shires candle with its notes of wild herbs, mint and lemon. Got an eclectic style? Go for something brighter and bolder – like our Rebel County candle, with its hot amber notes.
  3. Create a shared experience; some of us will be separated from family over the coming months as Covid restrictions remain in place. Fragrance is one of the strongest senses, so why not send a candle to a loved one for them to burn at the same time? This can create a shared sensory experience and a sense of unity.
  4. Choose a warm and cosy scent; right now it’s important to envelop yourself in a comforting scent. Choose something that helps you feel warm and safe – our Ancient Frankincense candle will deliver the perfect atmosphere wherever it’s lit.

Rebel County Scented Candle

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