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How fragrance can help you feel less stressed and anxious during the Coronavirus lockdown

I am Ruth’s daughter, Claire, and like many of you, my stress levels are quite high at the moment. So I am sharing some ideas on how fragrance can help you feel less stressed and anxious.

I currently have 3 children who are all home from school and nursery, and together with Ruth and my brother, Nic, we are doing everything we can to keep our family perfumery business going. I have never felt so anxious about so many different things at the same time: my children, my wider family, relatives we can’t see, our health, our business, the future… the list goes on! You may be facing similar issues at the moment, or be feeling generally stressed and anxious about the global Coronavirus pandemic that is taking over our lives at the moment.


Did you know that there are many scents around us in our everyday lives that could help ease our feelings of anxiety and stress? I have been harnessing some of these to help me with my feelings of stress, overwhelm and anxiety. And it’s given me something new to teach my children, which has helped! I’m very aware that these ideas won’t solve our problems, but they have helped me, so I wanted to share them.


The scent of oranges has been proven to reduce the aggression of prison inmates in a study – perfect for all of us at this time of lockdown! It has also been shown to make people feel less anxious. I put a bowl of oranges on my desk and encourage the kids to sniff them.


Their distinctive watery and green aroma has actually been shown to help overcome feelings of claustrophobia. So if you’re feeling cooped up at home, pick up a cucumber next time you’re able to. Slice off a piece occasionally and inhale its aroma before eating.


Add these to your bowl of oranges. One of the main components of lemons is a chemical called linalool which has calming effects on the body. So if you’re feeling stressed, why not reach for a lemon to smell for some gentle relief.


This common herb produces brainwaves that demonstrate alertness. And with many of us working at home at the moment, who wouldn’t want that? I’ve picked a few sprigs from the garden to leave on my desk and around the living room. Crush the sprigs slightly in your fingers to release their scent. Trust me, it works! And the kids love doing this.


Lastly, I am constantly wearing our DAGIAN fragrance at the moment – it seems ironic now that Ruth created this as a story of optimism just last year. How we need it now! It is infused with lots of essential oils including Lemon Oil, Juniper Berry, Sandalwood, Petitgrain and Peppermint, which all have their own benefits. I find it hugely uplifting.

I hope that one of these ideas could help someone see how fragrance can help you feel less stressed and anxious. We’d love to hear from you in any shape or form if they do, or if you have any good tips of your own. Follow us on social media or send us an email with anything that has helped you.

Thank you for reading, and best wishes,


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