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Choosing the perfect wedding perfume – a perfumer’s guide

Perfume is so powerful; your wedding perfume will not only leave a lasting impression on your guests as you greet them down the receiving line, but its memory will stay with you forever. After the buzz of the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, Ruth gives her tips on what to consider when choosing your wedding perfume.

“I am often approached by women who are excited about their wedding day, and are looking for a truly special scent to mark their wedding. I am thrilled whenever a bride chooses to wear one of my fragrances because it’s such a special day; my Amorosa scent is popular because I composed it to conjure the emotion of falling in love – the name literally means ‘a woman in love’ in Italian so is very appropriate!

  1. Go for something special

I would recommend choosing a perfume for your wedding day that is different from your usual everyday fragrance. Perfume is so powerful that we link smells to memories and experiences. If you wear the same scent as you wear at home or at work, the memories associated with your wedding will be jumbled amongst your every day chores! Choosing a unique scent for your special day makes sense; smelling it after your wedding will instantly transport you back to your happy day. It’s a lovely idea to spritz your wedding fragrance each year as you celebrate your wedding anniversary.

  1. Understated rather than loud

The first thing that people should notice about you is how happy you are and what you are wearing! You don’t want your fragrance to be overpowering or for this to be a topic of conversation. Go for a scent that complements your personality and the occasion.

  1. Think about the type of wedding you’re having

Is your wedding a summer day celebration, or a winter evening party? Is it outside in the countryside or in a sophisticated town or city? Consider this when choosing your wedding perfume because your fragrance should accompany and complement the feel of the wedding you are going for. If it is a day occasion in a city, something light, floral and fresher might be more appropriate. If as part of the wedding you are spending time outside, perhaps something green and floral. For a winter’s evening, why not choose a warm and woody scent?

  1. Layer up for the evening

Nowadays some brides choose to change their outfit for the evening’s party. If this is what you’re planning, you could consider layering up with a scent that enhances and builds on the scent you wore in the day. So you have 2 options: you could either surround yourself in even more of your wedding fragrance, or… layer up with a more heady, scintillating fragrance in the evening, giving you and your guests a chance to energise as you dance the night away!

  1. Practice wearing the scent on your skin

Perfumes react differently on all of us because of the different pH levels of our skin, so it’s important to try any fragrance on the skin (not just for your wedding). Samples are a great way for you to get a selection of scents for you to try wearing on your skin to see how it develops, and how long it lasts on you. For example, my Discovery Set allows you to try a 2ml sample of each of the perfumes in my collection – visit the samples page of my website for more details.”

I wish you the best of luck on choosing the special scent for your wedding, and a wonderful wedding day! Ruth

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