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Changing your perfume wardrobe for Autumn

With the changing of the seasons, our senses are awakened to new sights and sensations. This time of year has a long history of change and of preparing for the colder months ahead. In a few days’ time we’ll celebrate Halloween, which began 2,000 years ago with the Celts, who celebrated the New Year on 1st November as they marked the end of summer.

And there’s lots to celebrate as the darker days descend, with red, yellow and orange leaves appearing on the trees… We don scarves and thick jumpers to ward off the colder weather, enjoying country walks followed by drinking seasonal ales and ciders in warm and cosy pubs. When we retreat home, there’s nothing better than snuggling up in front of a movie, with a fire and candles flickering in the darkness.

The smell of Autumn

Our noses are also aware of new smells; as flowers hibernate and stop growing, we are more mindful of the scent of wet leaves and mud around us, and of the smell of crisp, cold air. The fires in our homes conjure magical smells of burning wood and smoke, while roast dinners emanate smells of succulent vegetables and singed potatoes.

This time of year is your chance to connect with a different fragrance in your perfume wardrobe, and to unleash a side of your personality that itself has been locked away over summer. Or perhaps it’s time to start anew, and choose from one of the best niche perfumes and the best home fragrance diffusers that are available. Many brands offer perfume samples for sale or perfume discovery sets, so you can try out a new fragrance without breaking the bank. You can purchase a RUTH MASTENBROEK perfume Discovery Set here (and redeem the cost against a full-size bottle if you choose a favourite).

FIREDANCE : a unique Autumn/Winter scent and one of the best home fragrance diffusers out there

In the RUTH MASTENBROEK collection, Firedance is perfect for those cold Autumn and Winter nights. It was the only fragrance to be a finalist in 3 categories at this year’s Fragrance Foundation Awards. With notes of rose and smoky leather, it invokes the feelings of cavorting in front of a warm fire.

Firedance is now available in home fragrance diffuser, so you can conjure this glowing scent in your house. We know we’re biased, but we think it really is one of the best home fragrance diffusers out there… Click here to get yours.